Question: How Do You Dress Up Kitchen Cabinets??

12 easy ways to upgrade basic kitchen cabinets

  • Add task lighting or top lighting. Installing lighting in cabinets is not just a practical improvement.
  • Remove the door.
  • Add glass door inserts.
  • Install folding shelves.
  • Replace the front door with chicken wire.
  • Add crown molds.
  • Add cover storage.
  • Paint the door.

How do you dress the upholstered cabinet door?


  1. Use tape to mark the back of the cabinet door and the inside of the cabinets so you know where to go when you want to hang them again.
  2. Remove the cabinet door and insert all material / screws into the zipper bag.
  3. Mount your door on chainsaws or anywhere they move easily from all sides.

How can I make cheap cabinets look good?

10 cheap ways to make your kitchen look expensive

  • Update the material.
  • Use lighter colors.
  • Replace the cabinet door.
  • Change the lighting.
  • Use artwork.
  • Paint your appliances with stainless steel.
  • Add a window treatment.
  • Shape your breakfast corner.

How do I dress my kitchen cabinets without paint?

Turn your kitchen cabinets without color (11 ideas)

  1. Cover the glass door with window film.
  2. Pay attention to the location and colored dishes.
  3. Put some form on it.
  4. Add a small investment for easy upgrades.
  5. Cover them with nice contact paper.
  6. With open shelves, remove the door.
  7. Gel your cabinets.

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