Question: Do You Install Top Or Bottom Kitchen Cabinets First??

Start with the upper cabinets

To begin installing the top cabinets, place the boards on the table. This ensures a nice straight alignment and eliminates the hassle of holding the cabinets in place when screwing them to the wall.

Once your upper cabinets are installed, go to the lower kitchen cabinets.

Do you put floors under kitchen cabinets?

If you are installing a solid wood floating floor (or any floating floor such as cork or laminate), you will need to install the floor AFTER installing the kitchen cabinets. Glued (or glued) floors should therefore be installed BEFORE the cabinets and furnished floors AFTER the cabinets.

How do you connect cabinets?

Drill a 1/8 “pilot hole in the front frame above or below each door hinge position. For best visibility, attach the second cabinet to the first cabinet using the # 8 x 2” “screws and sink. Always connect cabinets over the front frame as from the cabinet side panel. do not wear.

How do you set up Cardell offices?



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